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Get Inspired: Golden Hour Engagement

July 10, 2022

Golden hour is the magical time of day shortly after sunrise or before sunset when the light is soft and warm. This time can be especially beautiful for photos, and can add that extra touch of magic to your images. I love engagement sessions because they’re a great way to get comfortable in front of my camera before the big day and to capture some beautiful memories! Melanie and Austin chose to have their engagement session in this beautiful field. The golden light was perfect for illuminating them and creating some STUNNING photos.

Why an Engagement Session in Maine is a Great Option

Maine is a great place for an engagement session because of the amazing natural beauty here. The golden hour lighting is perfect for capturing portraits. The soft light wraps around you and creates a warm and glowing effect.

But there’s more to Maine than just its natural beauty. There’s also a lot of history and culture here, and it’s all reflected in the architecture and landscapes. So whether you want a rustic setting with wooden fences and stone walls, or if you’re looking for something a little more urban with brick buildings and cobblestone streets, Maine has it all.

So if you’re looking for a location that will give you beautiful portraits, as well as provide a lot of interesting backgrounds and settings, Maine is definitely worth considering!

How to Capture the Perfect Moment in a Golden Hour Engagement Session

When it comes to capturing the perfect moment in a golden hour engagement session, timing is key. You want to make sure you arrive at the location a few minutes before sunset so we have time to get to the first location.

Be sure to take advantage of any props you may have brought with you like wildflowers, blankets or brimmed hats (or in this case- a custom bridal jacket!) to add more variety to your final gallery. I’ll use a variety of poses and prompts to create beautiful images filled with connection and emotion that truly reflect who you are as a couple!

Interested in booking your engagement session with me? It’s never too early to get on my schedule. Fill out my inquiry form here and I’ll send you all the details. 😊

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